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Newly opened accommodation on 1st February 2020!


Nakafurano, Hokkaido

2020 Spring Special

Experience Singapore in Hokkaido

Spend a quiet night in our spacious and cosy Junior Suite rooms, enjoy an out of the ordinary cuisine to refresh your mind, heart and soul this Spring.

Give it a try lah!

(Singlish available)

RATES (b/f taxes)

1~2 Guests - JPY 20,000

    3 Guests - JPY 30,000

    4 Guests - JPY 40,000

We will be serving one group per day only until this promotion ends.

Kindly note that the staff will be wearing masks on their duty.

Until 30 April 2020


Great geographic knowledge and have traveled to the most exotic countries in the world. Grab beer and find out which country to try next!


Yoga instructor, currently studying Japanese, speaks English & Mandarin with a Singaporean slang! Discover your yoga journey with her.


 A bossy and mischievous Ragdoll, loves tuna and belly rubbing! Follow him on twitter!

PS: somehow he twits in Japanese only..


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8, Higashi 4-sen Kita

Naka Furano, Sorachi-gun

Hokkaido 071-0774, Japan


+81 (0)167 - 44 - 3636

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