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- Let Us Colour Your Life -

Naka Furano, our business base, is surrounded by a stunning view of Mt. Tokachidake and enjoys extremely rich resources of agriculture products.  Our missions are, in this fertile land, to deliver heartwarming and unique experiences to all the stakeholders.

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Paid-up Capital

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Shooting Star LLC

17 December 2018

8, Higashi 4-sen Kita, Naka Furano, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido 071-0774, Japan

TEL +81 50-5326-6531

  • Ichihashi Kanji, Managing Director

  • Ichihashi Marilyn, Director

JPY 5,000,000

  1. Operation of accommodation

  2. Travel Agency (in line with the Japanese Travel Agency Act)

  3. Operation of health and recreational activities

  4. Operation of food & beverage outlet

  5. Sales and import/export of food and beverages

Japan Finance Corporation, Japan Post Bank,

Hokkaido Hotel & Ryokan Association