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Welcome to B&B Plus+ Shooting Star!

We hope everyone who intends/ will be staying here will enjoy your stay. Here's some things to take note in our house:

  1. We hired a cat to patrol the place, you may bump into meet him depending on his route for the day. Oh and please don't try to bribe him with food, he has a weak stomach.

  2. Our cat patrol is not highly paid, please help us keep the main door closed at all times to prevent him from running away!

  3. He may also attempt to sneak into your room, so remember to keep your room door closed at all times.

  4. If you are still energetic after 10pm, play the whispering game!

  5. Lighting the cigarette anywhere inside the house will get the firefighters here! We have a dedicated open space for you so don't bother the firefighters please!

  6. When you stay at our accommodation, we also provide a place for your car to sleep. Don't worry there is no charges for it.

  7. Please try not to bring along any other animals otherwise our cat patrol will have to arrests it. Bailing is not allowed.

  8. If you like our decor, we can tell you where to buy it. Otherwise, you have to pay double the original price!

  9. We strongly support recycling, please join us by placing the same type of trash in their designated box.

  10. Tag us in Instagram, Facebook or any other social media you like using our Wifi! It's free!

  11. Need to stretch and relax? We provide 10mins of Yoga experience for all our guests! The Yoga will be held in our studio and there is a allocated time daily, we'll let you know when you arrive. (Take note for February to March 2020, Yoga experience is only available on weekends only!)

That's all for now, hope to see you around soon!





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