The Food

We offer Japanese and Singaporean home style a la carte menu to dine in and snack all the time like me!  Meow

There are also many delicious food in Furano and these are some of the places we have visited and thought you might want to try!



​We are ready to colour your night time chat with Japanese & Singaporean home style cooking along with alcohol drinks.  You will bump into a "today's special" or even a "season's special" depending on the mood of our cook!!

Curry Furanoya
Furano Burger
Asahikawa Ramen
Yamaga Shokudo
Yamaga Shokudo
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8, Higashi 4-sen Kita

Naka Furano, Sorachi-gun

Hokkaido 071-0774, Japan


+81 (0)167 - 44 - 3636

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