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Our Yoga Programme

Our studio invites you to fully enjoy yoga all year around, without having to worry about weather!  

Yoga Schedule (sample)

3.00 pm - check-in

4.00 p.m - Hatha Yoga (1 hour)

6.30 p.m - Dinner

6.30 a.m - Wake-up Yoga (1 hour)

8.00 a.m - Breakfast

  ~ Free time until 4.00 pm, or check-out at 10.00 am

* Yoga session will be held outdoor, subject to weather condition.

* The session will be held indoor during the winter season.

* Yoga sessions are not private ones, you may join the sessions with other participants (max. 6 participants).

At B&B Plus+ Shooting Star, we present yoga programme specially for those who stay at our venue. Our host, a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor will bring you to the world of yoga through our yoga retreat package or ad-hoc class on the day of your stay, which are nicely designed for beginner to intermediate level yogis.

Also, we will be more than happy to assist yoga classes from all over the world to hold their own yoga retreat programme at our accommodation.

Yoga is a journey where you begin to learn about yourself.

Building endurance, focus and strength in body and mind.

Learn to correct your own body posture through self-awareness. 

It's never too late to start.

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